Control and Manipulation of plastic parts

Automated line for the handling of plastic elements: consists of the automatic station, which unloads pieces from the injector to the conveyor, that transports the product to a quality control in continual, using artificial vision. Afterwards this pieces will be positioned for the automatic packaging, at a second robotic station. With this system you get a production of 84 pieces per minute.


artificial vision, quality control, Siemens

Strip positioning system around cakes in continual

Strip (paper strips) positioning automatic equipment around cakes. These advance by a conveyor in continual and a Delta robot picks up the strips, one by one from a circular label dispenser. First of all it goes through an automatic glue applicator, which injects hot glue on one end of the strip, then the robot places the strip around the cake, by an automatic location system and finally the robot gripper closes the strip according to the diameter of the cake and sets its ends. This line can work to a production cycle of 16 cakes per minute.


ABB, circular strip positioning system, delta robot, label dispenser cakes


Modular ultrasonic cutting machine

Automatic modular machine, which consists of a conveyor where the product advances  in a controlled way and a system of vertical cutting by ultrasounds that cuts the product while it passes under the knife. In this case cheese wedges are introduced by one of the ends of the conveyor while the cut product is collected by the other side. This machine has a system that allows you to adjust the slice thickness and the type of the product to be cut.


ultrasonic cutting, sliced products, cheese cutting, packaging, dispenser, modular line, Omron



Mounting circuit of pharmaceutical product


It is a semi-automatic line for the assembly of the pharmaceutical product with several stops along the production line where actions can be automatic or manuals. In this circuit are moving independent trolleys, allowing the incorporation or the extraction of these one, depending on the required production flow. In this line interact vibrating systems with end positioner, peristaltic pumps for dispensing fluids, screw capping equipment and people. At the last stop the finished product will be extracted, leaving empty the trolley, ready to restart the process without interruptions.




artificial vision, quality control, Siemens


Cake packaging line


Performs the last part of the production process, doing a circular labelling around the cake and its packaging.  This automated line is formed by two robotic stations, consisting of a circular label dispenser with automatic glue applicator and a lids dispenser. The line had to be adapted to a minimum space. This line works to a production of 30 cakes per minute.



Fanuc, packaging, dispenser, industrial line, Omron


Packaging Station with Robot

Packaging station of boxes using a robotic arm with double zone of download with the aim not to stop the production and the personal has possibility of extracting full pallet without stop line.

It has an initial configuration, for choose the mosaic and the height wished for the construction of the pallet, also allows define the variables of the product to manipulate.



         programming, automatic polishing, paletizing, robots


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